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Since its foundation, Didier is highly committed to the teaching and learning of French as a foreign language (FLE). Editions Didier has always been attentive to the needs and expectations of teachers and learners in order to offer innovative works of high pedagogical quality; methods for all audiences, tools for certification and training, and didactic works on the teaching of foreign languages. Since the 1970s, the partnership between CREDIF and Didier has allowed the publication of works directly related to research conducted by eminent linguists: Voix et images de France, De vive voix, Archipel (the first communicative method) and the LAL collection.

Surrounded by renowned authors and actors in language teaching and FLE, including the Language Policy Division of the Council of Europe and the International Centre for Pedagogical Studies (CIEP), Didier FLE had the honor of publishing the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, Les référentiels and the collection Réussir le DELF. Didier Editions is also innovative in the production of digital products and services. The Didier FLE Nomade platform offers more than 2000 free activities and new services for the teaching/learning of French as a foreign language:

– The Vocamémo service allows the fast and durable memorization of more than 1500 words of vocabulary;
– The online DELF courses effectively prepare learners for the DELF/DALF exams;
– The phonetics courses allow learners to perfect their pronunciation of the French language.


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