Your Learning Place

YourLearningPlace is a mobile-oriented e-Learning platform, accessed from any device (PC and mobile devices) that helps teachers and students to work and interact during the learning process.
YourLearningPlace connects students and teachers, offering them a collaborative, interactive, and mobile learning environment that impacts every aspect of education. Now it is easy to engage students in learning activities, reaching them on their favorite mobile devices, and keeping them informed, involved, and collaborating with one another.
With YourLearningPlace, it is possible to build virtual classrooms where students and teachers work together, share their courses, and monitor progress. This engaging and friendly environment offers instant access to desirable information for both teachers and students, and encourages immediate interaction.

– Core Curriculum for English K12 (Extended)
– Core Curriculum for English Teacher Training Programme
– Online Exam Preparation Courses
– Primary Songs and Stories
– eBooks
– Cartoons
– BBC Graded
– mSkills
– UES Placement Test