myEDUCLASS is an online platform packed with sophisticated content for both teachers and learners alike. With materials specially tailored towards the needs of the target demographic, users are offered the ultimate online learning experience. The rich myEDUCLASS covers all levels for both young and adult learners, from A1 to C2, ensuring the learners have everything they need in one place. Students can have the classroom experience online with a wide range of tools that myEDUCLASS makes available.

With online assessment and detailed user reports, myEDUCLASS analyses the progress of a student within all 6 platforms that it includes. The learners can start their journey with English Now!, which is designed for beginners and intermediates, or practice their vocabulary and grammar with mSkills, or even watch Graded Authentic Science Videos by BBC Graded, that encourages critical thinking. myEDU Assessment offers an Online assessment based on Common European Framework (CEFR), to enable teachers track the progress of their students. This rich content enables learners to use their English in a practical way, to be used in real life scenarios.

– Levels A1-C2
– Video Conferences and video lessons
– Online Assessment
– Detailed user report