Highlights Library

Highlights Library is a comprehensive digital reading platform that gives children instant access to an engaging collection of more than 2,500 leveled stories. It focuses on helping children discover a love of reading and provides teachers and parents with tools to support their discovery.


It supports differentiation inside and outside of the classroom, by offering books in 30 different reading levels, tailored to the individual needs of the students. In addition to reading books at their own language level and level of interest from within the digital library, students are able to have books and book quizzes assigned by their teachers. The platform reports on the development of students’ reading outcomes in detail. There is also a Placement Test that students can take individually on the platform. With almost 100 animated videos, the students can enjoy their reading adventure.


NEW! Read with Highlights Science Collection

NEW! Read with Highlights Science Collection is made up of 100 nonfiction readers focused on popular science topics kids love. Developed around Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Core Knowledge topics, subjects range from animals to technology to space. Created specifically for children grades PreK-2 to jump-start a STEM education, kids develop a love of reading and science early in their reading journey.

  • Lexile leveling meets students at their reading ability level.
  • Vivid photography and illustrations bring topics to life, and books are written to engage and delight readers.
  • 100+ digital stories and accompanying audio narration files available
  • PDF and print-ready files

Voices Leveled Library

Voices Leveled Library is a research-based series of leveled readers focused on the importance of social-emotional learning (SEL). The series ranges from grade K to 6 and is built around six core SEL themes. At each grade level, age-appropriate topics fit under each SEL theme. As children progress through the series, they not only deepen their reading skills, but learn how to manage emotions, overcome challenges, feel and show empathy for others, and have a positive relationship with those in the world around them.

  • 600+ digital stories, each with audio narration
  • Lexile and GRL leveling meets students at their reading ability level.
  • Vocabulary review reinforces key words learned.

Additional resources provide teachers with support to further enhance children’s reading development.