English Playbox Digital

English Play Box is a one of a kind paper and digital hybrid, multimedia-rich English language course for kindergarten and grade 1. Drawing its development from blended learning, it comprises game-based learning and holistic education.


As a standalone solution for K-1;

  • Supports children in developing practical English skills,
  • Allows teachers to fulfill their needs and expectations with one coherent method,
  • Makes the lesson engaging and enjoyable while simultaneously providing the value of learning.
  • Ensures usage of a methodologically reliable product,
  • Boosts teachers’ confidence in terms of ICT and makes their work comfortable,
  • Increases students’ outcomes and involvement while encouraging and motivating them,
  • Cuts back on the time needed for lesson preparation.



  • Playbook
  • Activity Book
  • Flashcards
  • Story Cards
  • Audio Files
  • Online Platform