Las mil caras del español


SGEL started in the publishing business back in 1970, with the publication of some course books that became milestone titles in the teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language, such as Español en directo and Español 2000. We are, then, a pioneer publisher in this area.
Since then, our catalogue has got richer and richer both in titles as in renown authors. 
The main concern of our editorial team has always been to give solutions to the varied and ever-growing needs of teachers.
Being that so, that apart from a wide range of course books for all levels and ways of learning, we have also worked on the creation of a variety of titles focused on the learning of Spanish for specific purposes, dictionaries, graded readers, and certain materials to facilitate teachers training, such as the popular magazine Carabela.


Relying on the experience gained after so many years working in the field of teaching/learning Spanish, SGEL keeps on editing materials in order to respond to the necessities of new times and new generations of teachers and students that demand a greater eclecticism of methodological approaches.
We have paid special attention to the teaching of our language to the ever-growing number of immigrant students, children and adults that attempt to form part of our society.      
At no time have we stopped contributing to the training of new teachers, as the publication of Vademécum para la formación de profesores proves, title which by now is a work of reference in the field of teaching Spanish.    


In a world that changes so fast, and where new means of communication and economical relations make possible to cross almost every frontier, at least in the desire for knowledge of other languages and cultures, SGEL labours to keep on publishing books that transmit the Hispanic language and culture, in order to respond to the ever-growing and varied demand from every corner of the world.

In Spain, SGEL has a distribution network composed of eight branches, and abroad, many distributors cover almost every part of the world.   
Our long experience and know-how have always helped us be on the front line.

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