CLE International

L'éditeur du français langue étrangère


Founded in 1973, CLE International is the worldwide leader in books teaching French as a foreign language, and it has a presence in over 100 countries. It proposes methods and complementary works for all ages and all learning situations. Its catalogue includes over 900 references, with over a hundred new releases added each year, between books, CD-ROMs and other products. These are works that take into account the diverse cultural universes and adapt to the educational programmes of each country and to the cultural differences and specific learning habits. 

CLE is present from pre-school age (Lili, La petite grenouille, etc.) through to learning for adults (Grammaire Progressive du Français...), passing through primary (Alex et Zoé, etc.), secondary (Oh là là!, Amis et compagnie, etc.) and higher secondary education (Champion, Métro Saint-Michel, etc.). 

CLE International offers a French learning range based on specific objectives for adults (Franç,, entre otros), as well as a French learning dictionary, Le Robert & CLE International, and collections with a large number of titles for the continuous training of teaching staff. CLE also publishes numerous CD-ROMs and has complementary websites. It is the exclusive publisher of the magazine of the International Federation of French Teachers, Le français dans le mond

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