Helbling Languages


ISBN 978-3-85272-225-2
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  • Specs:

    • English
    • Young Adults
    • C1( Upper Intermediate )
    • Student's Book
  • Features:

    • Audio CD / DVD For Students

    • Micro Site

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    Helbling Languages

  • Top Grammar covers all the main grammatical areas of the language.

    Top Grammar has a special lexical focus for each of its sections.

    Top Grammar is made up of a Student’s Book and CD-ROM, and has a Teacher’s Guide including tests.

    Top Grammar can be used;

    • for individual study, for exam preparation, or whenever the teacher thinks the class needs specific training on grammar included in the syllabus.

    • by learners in a flexible way, to reinforce specific grammar points.

    • autonomously like other reference materials – dictionaries or the Internet. ‘Go and check in your grammar book’ should be a constant reminder of the teacher to the students.