Richmond / Santilliana ELT Publishing


ISBN 9788466818247
  • Authors:

  • Specs:

    • English
    • Primary
    • A1( Beginner )
    • Student's Book
  • Features:

    • Audio CD / DVD For Students

    • Activity Book

  • Publisher:

    Richmond / Santilliana ELT Publishing

  • KIDS’ WEB is a stimulating five-level series in American English which teaches primary students English in a fun and meaningful way. Designed to accompany children at every stage of their intellectual development, the course has been tailored to meet different goals at each level. The series establishes a strong link to the English speaking world through technology, as well as offering a range of innovative digital components. The course website allows students to interact with the main character, Webby through augmented reality.

    Key Features:

    • All-in-one Student’s Book and Activity Book with stickers
    • Meaningful language in every unit, which can be transferred from the classroom to real-life contexts
    • Reading sections in the form of cartoons, emails, and text messages to encourage reading for pleasure
    • Fun illustrations exposing students to websites and TV programmes
    • Variety of dynamic activities including songs, karaoke and 3D games
    • Fully interactive website with activities, stories and songs presented by Webby character