Modern Education

We believe in education based on simple yet true values.


With interactive multimedia, students and teachers are active and truly engaged.


Focus on the dşfferencesi value the diversity, allow each student to shine.


We are all born with the desire for knowledge. Nurturing this mindset helps syudents stay engaged in the process of learning.


When the earning process is fun, the effects are clearly visible.

The Best Cloud Based mLearning Platform

We believe in education based on simple yet true values.


YourLearningPlace is a mobile-oriented eLearning platform accessed from any device (PC and mobile devices) that helps teachers and students to work and interact during the learning proccess.


YourLearningPlace connects students and teachers offering them a collaborative, interactive and mobile learning environment that impacts every aspect of education. Now it is easy to engage students in learning activities, reaching them on their favorite mobile devices and keeping student informed, involved and collaborating together.


With YourLearningPlace it is possible to build virtual classrooms where students and teachers work together, share their courses and monitor progress. This engaging and friendly environment offers instant access to desirable information for both teachers and students and encourages their immediate interaction.

Core Curriculum for English

The Core Curriculum for English adopts a broadly communicative approach. Each lesson includes short scenes and dialogues that students can use while working in pairs and groups, practise with their classmates and the teacher in class as well as at home with their family and friends.

Core Curriculum for English

Teacher Training Programme

An e-learning training for the Core Curriculum for English teachers to provide them with some useful tips on how to use digital materials available in the course, how to make the best of it and why it is worth going digital in general.

Richmond Cartoons

English, just the way kids like it.

The adventures of the Richmond Cartoons friends bring English to young learners in this original series of fully animated videos. Created to fit language objectives for learners in early primary, the cartoons can be used as a complement to any course. The grammar, vocabulary and functional language introduced in each cartoon reinforce grade level instruction.

Primary Songs & Stories

A new way of learning through games, rhymes, songs and stories.

A new way of learning through games, rhymes, songs and stories. Primary Songs & Stories is a four-level song & story based English course with each unit focusing on a central story which is linked to a topic or theme of special interest to children. Primary Songs & Stories offers visual song & story based interactive online activities.

BBC Videos Greatest in the World

Make learning personalized, engaging and memorable with BBC Worldwide Learning.

For over 70 years, BBC content has entertained and educated, informed and inspired. Today, BBC videos are amongst the greatest in the world, encompassing a wealth of subjects so vast it's hard to fathom. The demand for digital video in the classroom is dramatically growing across all diciplines, from arts to science, literature to world languages, history to economics.

Talking Stories

Stories are packaged in videos that will entertain and excite young kids.

We have collected amazing works from authors, artists and outstanding publishers around the world. With vivid and lively characters, children will be able to fully immerse themselves in the storyand enjoy the activities to the fullest.

Interactive eBooks

With over 1000 eBooks, YourLearning Place offers a range of classic and contemporary fiction, non-fiction, plays, drama, stories and comics.
All the titles come with interactive activities included in the ebook that will assess students' comprehension skills.


With mSkills English, it is possible to study and revise English, drill grammar and vocabulary skills, practise listening and master spelling anytime and anywhere - on a bus, during a lunch break, at a boring meeting or on a park bench.

TEOG X-Large

TEOG X-Large is written specifically for the 8th graders and suitable for both in-class and selfstudy purpose it takes the age and language level of the students into consideration while covering both the vocabulary and grammar knowledge and reading skills required for the relevant exam.