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Your Learning Place

- The best cloud based mLearning platform
- Byte-sized learning
- Gamification
- Edutainment
- Storytelling
- Mobile learning
- Personalized learning environment

One of a kind hybrid and multimedia-rich English language teaching course for kindergartens

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English Play Box

- It makes lesson preparation quick and easy by providing a step-by-step guide for teachers.
- It keeps small kids interested and involved thanks to using different forms of teaching material – digital and traditional (books) as well as multimedia resources such as songs, chants, illustrations, simulations, games and animations.
- It helps every pre-school teacher apply ICT at work since no special technical knowledge is required to work with the solution.
- With its extensive coverage it enables an individual approach that meets the needs of every pre-schooler regardless of their age and the culture they grow up in.

Welcome Aboard!

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Kidzwonder brings pirates into your classroom, taking your students into a New and Exciting World, where they can learn English and develop useful learning strategies, such as discovery and experimentation. Year students will earn lots of lovely gold and spend it customising their character and collecting badges.


Hexagonia is a strategic game-based platform, in which a multi-player, real-time and online playing experience are blended with a rich variety of interactive educational content to ensure that learners have the opportunity to learn German in an intrinsically appealing and fun way. In Hexagonia, students will be competing with their classmates via the points they have earned, the achievements in their lessons as well as the campus scores they have established through their weekly lessons. Hexagonia is designed for secondary and high school students.


Karnevall is a German digital platform with lessons, assignments, games and readers designed to support language learning. The platform, which takes learning German out of the class, consists of four levels with sixty lessons for each level. With more than 200 readers, students are able to improve their reading skills at each level. Through homework assignments, learners have the opportunity to revise key vocabulary and play educational games. The reporting system in the teacher’s panel shows total student scores, completion rates of assigned courses, the number of completed readers as well as activities and games finished.

The biggest interactive e-library for children's illustrated books in Arabic and English.



Kutubee provides a unique experience for our children to enjoy reading hundreds of illustrated stories in both Arabic and English, carefully hand-picked by educational experts. Kutubee Platform was developed in cooperation with prominent schools to be used effectively in school and classrooms. Besides, a team of educators worked on classifying the books based on modern learning strategies and aligned with PYP.

Highlights Library


Highlights Library

2,000+ engaging, leveled stories
Choose from a wide variety of carefully selected stories across favorite content areas, with features including audio narration and text highlighting

Read anytime, anywhere
Access Highlights Library on your PC, phone and tablet to read anytime, anywhere!

Optimized content
An initial placement test matches students with books based on reading level and interests

Actionable assessment
Comprehension quizzes ensure that students are reaching their reading goals