English Play Box

Efficient, friendly and safe learning English in your kindergarten. Course for children from 3 to 6 years old.

English Play Box Course

It promotes collaborative learning language teacher and preschool educators and parents. It offers an innovative combination of materials, paper, digital recordings and the lessons that can be used not only in the classroom but also at home. It is fully compatible with the core curriculum for preschool education.

English Play Box:

  • 3 levels, 21 chapters and 168 lessons for 3 or 4 years of study,
  • lessons for the implementation of the two or more classes per week,
  • proposals for 20-30 minutes of exercise classes,
  • more than 150 digital lessons and animations them songs, rhymes and interactive exercises,
  • 150 multimedia lessons and animations them songs, chants and interactive exercises for safe fun learning using
  • a computer or tablet,
  • attractive illustrations, melodic songs, games and fun.

English Play Box Method

The course is based on the author's method, Dr. Sandie Mourão - one of the best experts in teaching English to children of preschool age.

ERA is a language learning by:

  • fun use English - taught by the classroom teacher, initiated by the children in their spare time and by parents at home,

  • promoting cooperation teacher and preschool educators,

  • combining traditional materials with digital,

  • English corner - a permanent place in kindergarten, where children play alone initiate English.

Meet our authors

Dr. Sandie Mourão

Expert language education of children of preschool and early school, educator and metodyczka. Author of many publications for children, and courses to teach English.

Rebecca Adlard

Teacher and methodist. The author of children's books and educational materials, including series "Power". Teacher Trainer - teaches at the University of Sussex.

Dr. Joanna Rokita-Jaśkowa

Assistant Professor at the Institute of Modern Pedagogical University. KEN Krakow. He is teaching and assimilation of foreign languages ​​by children of preschool age.

How English Play Box can help you?

With English Play Box:

  • easily you will fulfill the assumptions of the curriculum for teaching foreign language in kindergarten,

  • in an attractive and effective way you perform activities - the children will love the magic box English Play Box and other heroes of the series,

  • you get access to digital lessons, from which children can safely use on desktops and tablets,

  • save the time needed to prepare for the lesson,

  • you customize classes to meet the needs of the group and the equipment institution and to its working style.

Digital Lessons

Multimedia materials Angielski Play Box are the perfect complement to the traditional manual. Spice up your classes in kindergarten, children will repeat the various issues at home, and even - in the case of illness - attend classes from home.

You will find here:

  • More than 150 exercises and games on the interactive whiteboard, computer and tablet

  • animations to all the songs, rhymes and stories,

  • Interactive versions of the ritual repeated during the course of English.