Julia Starr Keddle


Julia Starr Keddle is a writer of ELT course books and materials, co-writing with her husband Martyn Hobbs. She has been involved in ELT for around 30 years, abroad and in the UK in a variety of contexts, from young learner to adult. She lived and worked in Italy for 10 years, teaching English at the University of Florence. She also regularly taught international classes in the UK. She worked as an editor in ELT publishing and as a teacher trainer for NILE, Norwich before starting her writing career 10 years ago.

Julia is especially interested in teen development, interactional language and personal and soft skills. She is a specialist in the Common European Framework on which she has written articles, including The CEF and the secondary school syllabus for the publication Insights from the Common European Framework (OUP).

Julia finds that planning a course is a very creative process, and enjoys interweaving grammar, communicative and lexical syllabus strands, among others, with age-appropriate topics and activities. Writing is fun, but a successful course is built on creative planning.

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