ECUATESOL shares the mission of the International Organization TESOL, which is to develop and care for the level of professional expertise in teaching - learning of speakers of other languages ​​at the national level with international projection, adopting and applying the fundamental values ​​of TESOL, such as respect for individual differences, facilitating access to teachers at all levels of different educational environments, working as a collaborative global community, promoting reflective practice for continuous improvement of its members and respect for diversity and multiculturalism



  1. Raise and update the professional and educational level for teaching English;

  2. Promote and support the development of research on teaching English;

  3. Encourage the exchange of ideas and educational experiences either within or outside of Ecuador;

  4. Promote the use of English by teachers and pupils within and outside the classroom;

  5. Disseminate knowledge and cultures linked to the English language to better know and understand other ways of thinking and living;

  6. Encourage the implementation of exchange of teachers and students exchanges with other countries where English is spoken or study;

  7. Promote the use of information technology and communication;

  8. Provide training services, translation, and / or continuing education in the area of ​​English through institutions legally authorized education.

  9. To protect the interests of its members at local and national level.

  10. Create opportunities for research and publication in print and digital in the areas of relevance.

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